Thursday, October 15, 2009

updates FINALLY!

So, I have been very bad at blogging and I know there is never really a good excuse for not keeping up on my children's life but moving might qualify as an adequate reason. And not moving just once but twice in a matter of 3 months.
As many of you already know but more of you don't, my Uncle Wally moved here to CDA and decided that his house would be a good place to live (which has been my home for the last 4 years) As much as I loved the home and was bummed about leaving it I was thrilled to have him come home, I have been begging him to do this for years. Well, 4 children and hearing aids don't get along very well. He was amazing and would have been willing to make it work with us living there but I could not ask him to do that.
Move #1-my parents graciously took us in. We moved into their attic while I looked for a rental home. Every day my children would ask in their prayers that they could have another sleepover at Grandma's and Papa's. Those sleepovers lasted for 2 months and the children never got tired of it. Not that they would, Papa made papacorn almost every night for them, and UNO and Mexican Train were a nightly favorite. Aaron was content being Papa's shadow, Ele loved the fact that we had a big family sleepover every night, Livi loved her 5:00 am snuggle time with grandma, and Isaac loved making Buffy's life miserable. I believe that time will be a major cherished childhood memory for them. Thanks Dad and Mom for everything, you are the best and we love you the most!
Move #2- I am very picky. I wanted a nice, clean, home in Dalton gardens ward, and close to Dalton school, I didn't want it to be too big, but not too small either. I wanted a big, fenced, back yard, good neighborhood, and I had to keep my cat (I am anti mice these days.) Big closets in the bedrooms, and I was determined to have a fireplace,- Matt did not consider that priority but I did. I wanted all of this to be under $900 and I did not want to sign a lease. Miracle of Miracles, as I was driving around I saw a tiny, homemade "For Rent" sign on the garage. Heavenly Father was truly watching out for us that day. The house is only 3 years old and darling. We all love it! I cant wait to decorate it for Christmas, the fireplace is going to be a perfect focal point.....
Now I'm ready for the holidays.
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1st day of school

Aaron is in 1st grade with Mrs Wold. He was bummed at first because he did not get into Mark's class but was relieved when he saw Kiley and Karsten there, fortunately he is not shy at all and has already made several new friend. He loves the social part of school but it is like pulling teeth to get him to do homework. Oh wait, he hardly has any teeth left to pull! He is now gone all day long and I cant begin to tell you how much he is missed. I love you Aaron.
My Electa is in Kindergarden this year with Ms Elliot, and boy was she ready. She loves to learn and comes home every day so proud that she actually talked to someone. However she is very missed at home, without our peacemaker my two very determined "babies" are quickly learning what the word SHARE means. I love and miss you too Ele.
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About a month ago our family went on our traditional picnic to Manito Park. I love this particular day for taking fun, casual pictures with cousins, it was a beautiful day, one of the last warm weekends of the summer.
Several years ago I sat down with Matt's mom, his sister Candy, and sister-in-law Missy, and they all helped me start Aaron scrapbook. Candy is amazingly good at it and she taught me to be very careful to not cut out too many things in the background of a picture, she said "those are the things you might someday consider priceless".
In case you cant tell it is my dad with Isaac. I even love the dirty fingernails.
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