Monday, August 25, 2008

Best Friends

For anyone who knows my Ele, she can sleep anywhere as long as she has her blanket and her thumb, but this takes it to the extreme. It was still a picture I could not resist.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer Fun

We have had such a wonderful summer filled with lots of great times, however on one of our adventures we lost our camera. Thank goodness for Papa, I borrowed some of his pictures so I could put up a new post. We started out our summer going camping where Aaron caught his 1st fish, Matt had to work so uncle Andy was a trooper and helped him. (I am not really good with the whole worm thing) he also learned how to ride a 2 wheeler this trip. Uncle David must have ran that loop a dozen times to accomplish it. I even did a 1st and pulled the trailer. Which didn't seem so bad. Of course Dad backed it in to the spot, and David, Andy and Randy stabilized and leveled it for me. Family is the greatest! It sure made me appreciate and miss Matt, I always knew I was not a real big help while camping but this time I learned just how worthless I usually am. Maybe I'll be better next time, doubt it though, it wasn't much fun (the work part I mean) the camping was great!

Coulee Camping

We have quite the group at church, we almost double their ward. We have learned to bring our own bread and no one is ever prepared for our family in Primary

Camping at Coulee

One of our favorite and most relaxing places to go is Grand Coulee, I started going with Deanna's family when I was single and have continued going with them ever since with my own family. However for some reason it seemed to be more relaxing then. go figure- Matt had to work again but he drove back and forth when he could to help me with the children, again, I had to pull the trailer, not much fun I'm tellin ya, but it was worth it, again we had a great time.

Father and Sons

Again Matt was working so Papa took Aaron to the Father/Sons outing this year. (I guess dad thought Isaac would miss me, he didn't even volunteer to take him)