Saturday, December 26, 2009

Family fun in Spokane

I have no clue where any pictures are of Christmas, and honestly that is alright with me. I already can't remember what the children got for presents anyway, and our Christmas Eve was spent with family and every year traditions (regardless of how great, it tends to be the same every year...) but this year, the day after Christmas, Mom and Dad took our family to Spokane to River Front Park, and that is a memory the children will never forget. We rode the carosel, fed the the ducks, and watched a little christmas movie at the imax, ending the day with going to dinner at the spagetti station. It was a cold but beautiful day and will be in our minds and hearts forever! Thanks so much Mom and Dad!

As a side note, homemade gifts that year were memorable and deserve a mention: Aaron made Ele a little doghouse for her stuffed animal dog foofa. Ele made Aaron a dog made out of golf balls. Livi made Isaac (with a lot of dads help) a blanket with tags on all four corners. And Isaac made Livi (with a lot of moms help) a bag for her to carry all her STUFF around. Posted by Picasa