Thursday, February 19, 2009


Because Matt and I went out on a date for Valentines Day, on Sunday we made the children feel loved. The girls got their roses from Dad and big heart cookies from Mom. All in all everyone went to bed feeling extremely loved!
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I don't usually get on the blog and post things, but with valentines day coming this weekend I decided that I wanted to write a little note to my darling wife.

I hope this post is going to be a little reminder of the love that I have for you. I know I don't show it as often as I should but I truly love you. You are a inspiration to me and I am trying everyday to be better than I was yesterday because of your love for me. When I think of you there are not enough words to express what a wonderful person, mother and especially a wife that you are. I hope you are listening to the words of this song when you are reading this because I am in love with my best friend. When life gets hard for me and I need someone to talk to or to comfort me you are there and willing to hear me ramble on and on about how bad things are for me and you do it without complaint. I appreciate everything that you do for me and the children. You are a wonderful mother, don't think other wise. I am so grateful that I am married to you. These 7 years have been worth every heartache that we went through and I know that spending that rest of my life with you is going to be the best years of my life. I love you Dawna and wanted everyone that looks at the blog to know that.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Electa LaRee Caudle

5 years ago tonight I was in Pullman WA. with my sister Debbie as she was giving birth to her 1st girl. I went down a few days early to help so she could come home to a clean house and such. Seeing as Lexi is a Hyde and somewhat determined to do things her own way, we were all night in the hospital, sleeping on the ground in the waiting room. Little did I know that I would give birth the very next day to my own little girl. ( I think it was scrubbing the floor boards that did it) I was not due for another 4 weeks and she was suppose to be a boy. Imagine our surprise when we were blessed with our own perfect girl!
Electa and Alexis
Debbie did not make it in time for the delivery. Excuses, excuses!

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