Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Love Remains

We are living proof that Love Remains
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That is right, David is helping my son spray lighter fluid into a fire, and I am still really missing him. go figure!

David: I will miss his ability to make any moment lighter with his laughter and teasing
Jen: I am going to miss having her here when I have my babies, and me being there for her. I am also going to miss her Sunday night meals.
Joshua : I will miss his sweet spirit and gentleness with my children. I could always count on Josh to do a talk, scripture or prayer in primary at a moments notice.
Kyndra: I will miss her mothering and calmness and patience.
Hailee: I am going to miss how she would take Ele and Livi and dress them up and make them feel like princesses, I will miss her darling voice.
Gabe: I will miss not having him here for Aaron and all of the momentous things that they would have done in their lives together, (schools, baptisms, dates, sports)
Michael: What is there not to miss about that sweetest of sweet boys!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

That's how I know!

Happy 7th Anniversary
January 4, 2002

Posted by PicasaThat's How I know he loves me!
1. He never complains about moving furniture around
2. He never even suggest that I use a shovel/rake
3. He always warms up the car, and turns on my seat heater
4. He never makes me go in the basement (I don't like bugs)
5. He weeds the whole garden ( I really don't like bugs)
6. He always peals my oranges
7. He watches Hallmark movies with me
8. He hand pushes mowing the front lawn (just because I think it looks better)
9. He rubs my feet
10. He lets me take 2 hour naps on Sunday
And Many More Things!!!