Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our Livi

Olivia Deanna Caudle
She is 3 today! What a joy this little girl is in our lives. I have not told her that today is her birthday because Matt is out of town so we are going to wait until he gets home to have her party! We Love you Livi
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Livi is 3 years old

With the other children I have reminisced about their birth on their birthday so that someday they can look back and read about themselves and know my thoughts at the time and how much I love them. So please bear with my sentimentality's.
Livi was the only one of my children that almost made it full term, but not for her lack of desire to get here early. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks, stuck reading good books and sleeping when ever I wanted with meals brought to me in bed. Tough life, I know. But really, at the time I was miserable and felt very helpless while my family was left to deal with my 2 and 3 year old at home. To make things worse they decorated the babies room, made curtains for my kitchen and scrubbed my entire house. Are they the greatest or what! After watching the baby for 2 weeks they said I could go home. That was when she decided to wait an additional 2 weeks to come. Only 1 week early. Her birth was so easy that I actually came home the same day she was born!
And Oh was she worth the wait! she is still very determined to do things her own way but that is what makes her special. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

We Love Sleepovers! I suppose that I enjoy them because I get to spend quality time with my children's best friends, which happen to be some of my favorite people. I would like to think that I am their "favorite Aunt" however I know that I have steep competition and it is not very likely. But that wont keep me from trying!
This weekend we had 11 total at my house. We had children coming out our ears! at least that is what it feels like after all the noise we had! Matt was a dear and treated them all to McDonald's and Dollar tree, we had more candy and papacorn than I will ever agree to have again and ended the night by watching Madagascar 2.
Thanks Adam, Rachel and Kimberly for all your help!

I wonder if it would be too hard to convince their parents to go away next weekend too!
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