Thursday, May 5, 2011

Unity Joy Caudle

We brought our new beautiful addition home from the hospital on May 4th 2011, and already we don't know how we lived without her. For those of you who have not heard the story behind her name let me enlighten you... If you have not noticed all of my children's names start with a vowel. Not planned but giving each child a different vowel---Aaron, Electa, Olivia and Isaac.--- leaving only U left (and sometimes Y, but that's possibly for later). We discussed several names, and were recommended several more, most of which left me abandoning the idea and just naming her Abigail. However, Matt decided to have an opinion this time and wanted to stick with using all the vowels. So Unity was the only option in my opinion. I love the name now and am so grateful I let Matt choose.

Greating us at home was: Livi, Isaac, Deanna, Denise, Sarah, Kimmie, Samuel, and Michael. Thanks to you all for the clean house, banners, balloon's, flowers, gifts and love! We love you! Oh and I love her coming home outfit mom!!!Posted by Picasa

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