Wednesday, November 4, 2009

That's right, I was surprised too!

I took Aaron and Ele to school the other day and when we picked up Rachel this is basically how the conversation went

Rachel: "my dad is going to be a pirate".
Aaron: "Really, my dad would never dress up."
Ele: "he will if I ask him"

Matt, later that night: " I don't care what it is, just put it together for me and please make it have a gun"

You can't see the gun but it is there! He is a sucker for his girls.
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Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Dads are always mush in their daughters hands, at least I know Darin is.

KevDebKlan said...

Finally some pictures. I guess you got my hint. OK not such a hint. More like a yell!!! Love them all. Tell Matt the "stach" fits him. I think he should grow one so that when he is buggin me I can yank on it. The kids looked cute. whats up with Isaac? Our schools don't do parties. Sucky schools that thinks education is why they are there!! I dont know whats up with that. and even if they did we are not allowed to take siblings. wish we could have gone the apple orchard with you guys. Miss you all and love you more.

Westovers said...

Matt looks pretty funny. At least he dressed up. Our schools don't have parties either? Well looks like you all had fun without us? I cant believe its been almost a year. We didn't even do pumkins. It was sure a different Halloween this year. But i do like the warmth weather.Your blog is so cute. How did you to that with the header? Hey I want to see pics of your house. It's looks cute from what little i can see. just keep us updated.

Missy said...

LOL!!! Go Matt! Rick has seriously got to borrow that costume sometime:) That's awesome:)

CBJ said...

LOVE THE COSTUME. We didn't dress up for Halloween this year because we didn't have the costume boxes where we could get to them. Next year, though!! Glad to see that Matty has a soft spot for his girls. So fun.

Gatten Gang said...

Matt, you really could get stopped at the boarder. halloween is so fun for the little ones.
PS Love the school photos!!! Darling. J